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The Berry-Millard Family History

Text Box: Lucy Esther Millard Berry    Granny Sister’s Will
Lucy Esther Millard was born in New York in 1839 to Solomon and Diana Taylor Millard.  She had three sisters and 3 brothers. 
Lucy lived on the neighboring farm and her family did not own slaves. Her father rented the sodbusters which included Isaac. Lucy’s family were Mormons and as part of the Mormon’s mission, Lucy’s father encouraged her and her sister, Clarissa, to be kind to the slaves. They would take water to the slaves who were sodbusting the prairie. Isaac drove a team of oxen and Lucy and her sister would sometimes take water out to the drivers.  Lucy and Clarissa also helped the slave women and children.  Lucy and Clarissa were also allowed to attend some of the dances where Isaac played. (see Isaac’s history for more details)
After Isaac ran away from Missouri, Lucy’s family decided to send her East to school.  Instead of going back East, she made her way to Detroit.  The reason?  She and Isaac had made plans to meet after he ran away.  But how?
After she came to Detroit, she did not know how to find Isaac.  Since she did not know how to find him, she started working in a shirt factory, sewing shirts.  After working for a time, someone told her that the runaway slaves were not in Michigan.  They had crossed the Detroit River in Canada to get under the Lion’s Paw.
Lucy then left Detroit and went into Canada. (Windsor, Ontario)  She also found a job in Windsor.  Everyday Lucy would go to work and then after work would go looking for Isaac.  She would walk and look in the various establishments.  One Saturday evening, she was passing a dance hall and heard a familiar sound.  A sound she had heard before in Missouri.  She walked into the hall and there he was, Isaac, playing the fiddle for the dancers.  They were so happy to have finally found each other. They embraced and were thankful to their LORD to be reunited.
In August 1859, they were married and moved to Puce, Ontario, a small community near Windsor. While living in Puce, they had six children.  (Isaac and Lucy’s Life in Canada)
Lucy could read and write and would one day become  the teacher at the Little River School.  (Isaac and Lucy’s Life in Michigan)